Make sure your finances have life support. Help protect your family's future.

OMA Insurance offers group life insurance solutions to suit every stage of your life and career. Simply choose from the options below to find the right protection for your needs.​​​


Flex 10 and Flex 20 Life Insurance ▶

OMA Flex 10 and Flex 20 Group Life Insurance provides quality protection with the flexibility to choose the right coverage for you a​nd your family. With flexible terms, flex​ible coverage and competitive rates, you can shape a plan that meets yo​ur needs well into the ​future.

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Term Life Plus 75 Insurance ▶

OMA Group Term Life Plus 75 Insurance gives you everything you want in term insurance protection, with a very desirable plus: after you turn age 75, you'll continue to receive coverage for life, without having to pay any further premiums.

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Special Offers

We know medical school costs are demanding, so you'll appreciate this special offer designed especially for students. For a limited time, get discounted Disability Insurance rates with benefits that grow throughout your school years, plus complimentary Life Insurance.

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Graduating residents will appreciate the Essentials offer, designed to give you the flexibility to combine coverage plans that continue throughout residency and into your practice, including discounted Disability Insurance, Professional Overhead Insurance and Group Term Life Insurance. 

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